IKEA’s Ecommerce SEO Strategy (You NEED to copy it)

It’s not a secret that Ikea gets a lot of its organic traffic exclusively from its brand keyword. HOWEVER what they have done to rank #1 for keywords like “couch” and “mirror” is incredible, and it’s what we cover in the video today.

IKEA puts a huge focus on their category pages since that’s where most of their traffic comes in from. But once they’ve ranked for that incredible keyword that’s where the challenge begins.

How in the world do you know what someone wants when they search the keyword “couch”?

– Is this person looking for the best way to buy a couch?
– Do they even know which type of couch they want?
– Do they merely want to browse and look at prices?

The actual user intent behind generic keywords like “couch” is very hard to know which is why we need to build category pages thinking about all possible types of intent – and IKEA does that to perfection.

0:00 Intro
0:20 IKEA Traffic Stats
0:43 Top Pages
1:34 Keywords
2:08 The main problem
3:04 Category Pages
4:39 Internal Linking
5:50 Rooms Category
6:48 Recap

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