Choosing Your Brand Colors | How to Start a Business

Choosing your brand colors should be easy. Use the tips in this video to pick your business colors today! When you pick your brand colors you have to think about what the colors represents so that it can be a great reflections on your business. Brand colors can make or break your small business when it comes to brand identity. Don’t let choosing colors for your brand break you. I’m here to tell you the meaning of some of the best marketing colors. Online marketing can be tricky and developing a brand color palette will help you come up with a theme, aesthetic, logo, and much more for your business.
Choosing Your Brand Colors | How to Start a Business 101

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0:00 Intro
0:25 Understanding Colors
1:00 Red
1:22 Blue
1:59 Green
2:38 Purple
3:12 Yellow
3:47 Orange
3:58 Pink
4:59 Black
5:51 Neutral
6:37 Rainbow
7:27 How to Pick Your Colors

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Marketing Color Psychology: Use Colors To Win Customers

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Humans are visual creatures, and we’re so visual that colors can play a vital role in influencing our purchasing decisions. In this video, we’re explaining marketing color psychology, what brand colors mean, and how to pick the right colors for your branding.


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In fact, in a study done by performable, where they tested which color button between green and red would have the highest conversion rate.

They found that red buttons increased their conversion rate by 21%.

In other words, they increased their conversion rate without changing anything about the page except for the color of the button.

That’s the power of marketing color psychology.

But why is this? What is it about certain colors that spark people to take more action.

And how do you know which colors to use, so you can improve your marketing?

Well in this video, we’re going to touch on the psychology of marketing colors.

Video Outline

Intro: (00:00)
Blue: (3:25)
Red: (4:32)
Yellow: (5:18)
Orange: (6:23)
Green: (7:25)
Black: (8:28)
White: (9:14)
How To Improve Your Marketing With Colors: (10:05)

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