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What Social Media Platforms Should I Use?

Andru Edwards shares tips about the importance of diversifying your content off of YouTube and he shares the best social media platforms to use! **** Download the Free YouTube Checklist here:

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(Playlist) Interviews with YouTubers and Video Influencers at ClamourCon in Palm Springs!

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About This Video:
Interview with Andru Edwards on, “What Social Media Platforms Should I Use?”He shares the best social media platforms and the best social media platforms for business. If you are looking for the best social media platforms for business check out andru edwards youtube tips. If you want to learn how to use social media to grow your YouTube channel or how to social media platforms for personal brand content, check out this video. The best social media platforms for business vary on depending on your niche, so research the best social media platforms for business marketing for yourself as well. These tips will help you grow faster on YouTube!


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The Ultimate Google My Business Competitors’ Spying Kit (Free)

Ranking a Google My Business listing at the top of Google Maps is the holy grail for many business owners. Unfortunately, competition is fierce and “there can only be one”…or three if you’re hoping for your GMB listing to be included in the Google Snack Pack.
But what If I told you you could get an edge on your competitors by spying on them in complete legitimacy and for free. You probably wouldn’t believe it.
Well, believe it, because In this video I show you how this is possible using the ultimate Google My Business competitors spying kit which will reveal what your competitors are up to and how to beat them at their own game.

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Website Checklist – 30 Steps for High Quality Websites 📑✅😎

👉🏻 Check out the blog post here:

👉🏻How to test web hosting service:

👉🏻Learn more about top web hosting services:

For additional keyword ideas check the following articles:


👉🏻Check the Best web hosts:

👉🏻To find out more about SSL checker click below:

👉🏻Learn more about Scala Hosting:

👉🏻Find out more about Liquid Web:

👉🏻Check Lorem Ipsum Generator:

👉🏻Best WordPress Plugins for Security:

Click the links below to see which web tools we recommend:

👉🏻Favicon Generator:

👉🏻Image compressor:

👉🏻JS & CSS Minifier:

👉🏻Website Accessibility Made Easy: Your 2020 Ultimate Guide

👉🏻Test the responsiveness of your website with Responsive Checker:

👉🏻Make sure that the mobile web loads fast with AMP Validator:

👉🏻Yoast SEO – WordPress Plugin Tutorial (2020 VISUAL GUIDE)

👉🏻Find out more about XML Sitemap

We recommend these useful tools for:



👉🏻Read the whole review of Site Ground:

👉🏻Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Google Analytics 4 (NEW 2020 Interface)

00:00 Intro
02:17 Make sure domains are working right
03:14 Configure and Test Domain Email Addresses
04:25 Test Your Web Host’s Performance
05:33 Define Your Content’s Most Important Keywords
07:02 Install an SSL Certificate
08:34 Enable an Anti-Spam Solution
09:45 Install an “Under Construction” Plugin / Build in a Staging Environment
11:42 Configure Local and Remote Backups
13:07 Install a Security Suite
14:07 Configure Site Information and Permalinks
15:25 Make Sure Your Site Design Is Cohesive
16:20 Optimize Your Images
17:21 Optimize Your Code
18:14 Minimize Tracking Code
19:20 Make Sure All Content Looks Just Right
20:32 Install an Accessibility Plugin
22:14 Check for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop Compatibility
23:48 Check for Browser Compatibility
24:32 Install an SEO Plugin and Get Ready for Google
25:47 Test Your XML Sitemap File and Your Robots.txt File
27:47 Manual Testing and Tryouts
28:22 Test for Connected Services Behavior
29:11 Run Even More Performance Tests
30:31 Cleanup
31:01 Install a Caching Plugin
32:30 Activate a CDN Service
33:31 Integrate Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and any other services like heat spot mapping
34:34 Continually Improve Your Website’s SEO
35:54 Regular Maintenance
36:58 The one-year mark
37:51 Conclusion


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Google My Business Profile Optimization – Ultimate Tutorial for 2023 (Every Secret Revealed!)

This Google my business profile optimization tutorial is the most comprehensive (& Valuable) video guide available on the web for any local business owner.
In this tutorial, I take you through each component of your Google my business listing and show you how to make the most of them one by one and step by step.
This google business profile optimization guide is filled with tips, tricks, and trade secrets that will help you dominate your local competitors in google search results in 2023, attract more visitors and generate more revenue.
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Google adds POWERFUL NEW FEATURE to Google Business Profiles
0:00 Intro
1:30 Log into your profile
2:35 Business name
4:47 Business address
9:28 Phone number
10:20 Business Categories
12:46 Website link
15:19 Google reviews
17:48 Business hours
20:01 Appointment Link
21:29 Business Description
22:42 Years in business
24:01 Business attributes
25:09 Questions and answers
27:21 Photos
29:58 Products & Services
33:08 Google posts
35:05 Messages
🙏 Special thanks to for letting me use their Google Business Profile Data
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How to Make Your First Sale: A Marketing Checklist for New Entrepreneurs

So you’ve just launched your online store, today I’m going to show you how to make your first sale. The truth is you won’t be able to attract your first customer if you don’t drive traffic to your store. That’s why in this video I’m going to walk you through the ultimate marketing checklist so you can drive highly targeted traffic, start making sales, and begin growing your online business.

Getting your first real customer is a significant milestone for every entrepreneur. Try this challenge: If your store has already launched, spend the next 30 days focusing exclusively on driving targeted traffic that’s likely to make a purchase.

Here are the things we’ll cover in this video:

00:00 How to Make Your First Sale: A Marketing Checklist for New Entrepreneurs
01:54 Free traffic sources: Going after the low-hanging fruit
03:40 Paid advertising: Spending money to make money
06:57 Outreach: Connecting with existing audiences
09:14 Review and optimize

Want to learn even more? Learn how to go from first day to first sale in this free training course. Learn what big ecommerce brands do to drive sales and grow their businesses all through simple and actionable strategies you can implement today into your business.: ► ► Register here:

► 30 Day Marketing Checklist:

► How to Get Your First Sale in 30 Days: A Marketing Checklist for New Entrepreneurs:
► Facebook Ads for Beginners: A Step-By-Step Guide to Running Your First Campaign:
►The Google Ads Playbook: 13 Campaign Types And What to Expect From Them:

Build your home based business using a 14 day FREE trial of Shopify , one platform with all the ecommerce features you need to start, run, and grow your business.

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What to Do Before You Launch Your Website | The Journey

What to Do Before You Launch Your Website. Check out more The Journey content at

✅Read about it on our blog ➜

0:11 What to do before you launch your website
0:49 Why use a website launch checklist?
1:22 Website launch checklist

A website launch is an exciting and anxious event. It’s the culmination of weeks, months, or years worth of hard work. And a website launch checklist helps you keep that event on the rails.

Why do you need a website launch checklist?
No matter how experienced we are at doing something, there’s always a chance that we’ll make a mistake. A website checklist is the most reliable way to prevent mistakes. But checklists only are useful when they are actually used.

If you’re a web designer or developer, a smooth website launch reassures your client. It shows that you know your stuff. But when a launch doesn’t go smoothly? Watch out. You’d be surprised at how quickly you can burn through goodwill.

We’re using a checklist curated by, so feel free to follow along

Is everything working? Are the links pointing to the right destinations? Any typos or grammar issues? Consider using a spreadsheet or project management tool to keep track of any problems you encounter while reviewing the site.

SEO & Analytics
Meta titles, meta descriptions, and page headings should include the keywords/topic the page is trying to rank for. You won’t know if the site is working if you’re not tracking how it’s used. That’s where web analytics come in. Google Analytics is the de-facto standard because it’s powerful, free, and integrates with Google Ads.

What shows up when someone shares a link from the site on Facebook, Twitter, or elsewhere? You’ll need to configure the Facebook and Twitter preview settings for the site. There are a variety of plugins that’ll handle this for you on WordPress. Otherwise, you’ll need to check the configuration options for whatever platform you’re using.

An accessible website is better for everyone. For some organizations, an accessible website may even be required by law. WebAIM’s WCAG 2 checklist, and the website accessibility checklist from The A11y Project are good starting points.

Test on Mac, PC, iOS, and Android. You can run a test with physical devices; with software, like the browser’s Dev Tools; or with a service like BrowserStack or CrossBrowserTesting.

The site header and footer, typography, color scheme, spacing, and other standard site elements should be consistent across all pages.

This includes optimizing images, caching static assets, and using a CDN. Page speed continues to rise in importance for user satisfaction, site performance, and SEO rankings.

If the site isn’t built with WordPress, you can still use a security monitoring service like Sucuri Website Firewall or GoDaddy Website Security to keep an eye on the site. Who manages and pays for the service will depend on your arrangement with your client.

The website has launched and everything is working properly, but your work isn’t over yet.

By following this checklist — or, even better, by using these recommendations to create your own checklist — you’ll have a documented process to follow for every site that you launch.

The Journey is what everyday entrepreneurs, like you, need to follow in the pursuit of online success. Our experienced GoDaddy Guides are here to take you through all the steps, both big and small, that you encounter every day.


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Website Checklist: 8 Must-Haves for a High Quality Website

We know that Google rewards “high quality” websites with higher search rankings, but what make a website high quality anyway? In this video, I’ll show you the 8 things you want to check off your list to delight your visitors, turn more of them into customers, and impress the hell out of Google while you do it.

Flesch Reading Score Tool:

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A 21-Point Online Store Checklist For Your Ecommerce Business

In this video, Patrick shares a 21-item online store checklist to help you create the best customer experience possible.

Ecommerce websites not only need to look good, but they also need to function well, contain accurate product details, and protect customer information. That may seem like a lot, but you can manage your website one step at a time.

This video focuses on using your website as your online marketplace. If you’re looking for information about platforms like Amazon or Alibaba, check out the content we have on our website:

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Best ecommerce platforms ▶

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Small Business Website Checklist – Clear Steps To Follow! @TenTonOnline

From zero to profitable online business in just 7 simple steps! Download your FREE Online Business Jumpstart guide:

“Escape the grind, build a fulfilling online business, and launch a better tomorrow!”


Show Notes:

– To register your domain name, I use and recommend NameCheap. If you’d like a tutorial to walk you through the process of registering your domain, take a look at How To Register Your Business Domain Name (

– For web hosting, Web Hosting Hub (, SiteGround (, and WP Engine ( are great recommendations.

– For your website’s email, Google G Suite ( and Office 365 ( are top choices. If you’d rather go the encrypted email route, then ProtonMail ( and Tutanota ( are solid options.

– Online business guide (free download!): 7 Steps To Profits!

– Domain registration:

– Solid web hosting (with discount!):

– Business-grade email:

– Best email marketing service:

– Best website builder:

– Top web and marketing tools and services:

Support my work (thanks!):



small business website checklist

Here’s a buncha things to think about as you begin getting your online business set up. Now maybe you’ve worked out a few of these things already, but I’ll betcha there’s a few things that might be new for you.

So most importantly, you’re gonna need something to sell, right? You’ll need products or services that promise to (and deliver on) solving problems that your target audience struggles with. So, what will you sell? Will there be variations or different options available, and so on?

Next, what pages will you need to include on your online business website? A Home page, About page, and Contact page go without saying, right? But what other pages will you need to include on your website? The pages you’ll need often depend on the kind of online business you’ll be running.

For instance, you might need FAQ pages, pages for specific offers, a login area for your membership site…this sort of thing. So, figure out what pages you’d like to include on your online business website.

The next thing you’ll need to do is sort out some of the techie aspects of your website…like registering your domain name, setting up your web hosting, and getting your business email sorted out. Now don’t let this stuff stop you.

The good news here is, this stuff really isn’t that hard or technical. Check the Show Notes below where I’ve left you some links to helpful resources.

You’ll also need to decide how you want your website to look. So, what sort of layout do you want? What colours, images, and other content would you like to include? And in here, let’s also include specific website behaviour that you’d like…like image carousels, video content, and so on.


TONS more at


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The Complete Guide to SEO for Today (Full Webinar)

SEO is a huge topic and can seem really complicated. But the factors that will have the vast majority of the impact on how your website ranks are pretty straight forward. In this webinar, I’ll explain those important SEO Ranking Factors and show you how to win with SEO.

Quality Rater Guidelines:
Core Web Vitals Video:
Blogging System Video:
Link Building Video:

0:00 – The “Clean SEO” Approach
0:56 – What this approach does for us an out students
2:44 – SEO Overview
3:12 – Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines and SEO
5:06 – Google’s Top Ranking Factors
9:41 – Content Age
13:26 – Content Relevance
17:54 – #1 Blogging Mistake
20:16 – Search Analysis Overview and Examples
29:08 – Mastering On-Page SEO
31:58 – Snippet Optimization
34:39 – Writing Quality Content
36:48 – Technical SEO
44:50 – Off-Page SEO
45:35 – E-A-T
46:38 – YMYL Topics
47:59 – How to Build E-A-T
Have a question or idea for a video? Or maybe you want your site or a specific article reviewed. Let me know here:

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Project 24 is our membership program that teaches you how to work toward replacing your current income with income from websites and YouTube channels in 24 months.

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