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Show Notes:

– To register your domain name, I use and recommend NameCheap. If you’d like a tutorial to walk you through the process of registering your domain, take a look at How To Register Your Business Domain Name (

– For web hosting, Web Hosting Hub (, SiteGround (, and WP Engine ( are great recommendations.

– For your website’s email, Google G Suite ( and Office 365 ( are top choices. If you’d rather go the encrypted email route, then ProtonMail ( and Tutanota ( are solid options.

– Online business guide (free download!): 7 Steps To Profits!

– Domain registration:

– Solid web hosting (with discount!):

– Business-grade email:

– Best email marketing service:

– Best website builder:

– Top web and marketing tools and services:

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small business website checklist

Here’s a buncha things to think about as you begin getting your online business set up. Now maybe you’ve worked out a few of these things already, but I’ll betcha there’s a few things that might be new for you.

So most importantly, you’re gonna need something to sell, right? You’ll need products or services that promise to (and deliver on) solving problems that your target audience struggles with. So, what will you sell? Will there be variations or different options available, and so on?

Next, what pages will you need to include on your online business website? A Home page, About page, and Contact page go without saying, right? But what other pages will you need to include on your website? The pages you’ll need often depend on the kind of online business you’ll be running.

For instance, you might need FAQ pages, pages for specific offers, a login area for your membership site…this sort of thing. So, figure out what pages you’d like to include on your online business website.

The next thing you’ll need to do is sort out some of the techie aspects of your website…like registering your domain name, setting up your web hosting, and getting your business email sorted out. Now don’t let this stuff stop you.

The good news here is, this stuff really isn’t that hard or technical. Check the Show Notes below where I’ve left you some links to helpful resources.

You’ll also need to decide how you want your website to look. So, what sort of layout do you want? What colours, images, and other content would you like to include? And in here, let’s also include specific website behaviour that you’d like…like image carousels, video content, and so on.


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