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Any brand, business, or company has a logo design. The logo makes the brand recognizable in the world or a particular country. Logo designers must keep up with the trends and consider all movements and trends to find common ground with any client, cover their needs, and make the brand famous. Let’s go through prime trends in branding and logo design in 2023.

The best trends in branding and logo design in 2023

Several prime trends in logo design are worth your attention in 2023, while some of them will not reach their peak of popularity. Logo design, likewise other design sectors are an exciting topic for discussion; still, it’s questionable if considering actual projects. Some trends last for years; the others defy typical fashion combining erratic styles and designs specific to a particular company and the industry. Let’s handle the best ideas for 2023.

Minimalism and symbolism replace realism

Simplifying the design is a yearly trend for numerous logo designers; companies tend to prefer more modest and concise logos. Significant brands like this mechanic, including:

  • Indesit;
  • Apple;
  • Intel;
  • Zara.

In 2021, BBC paid 1.8 million dollars for their Logo. A simple and tasteful image — plainly printed white letters in black squares. 

BBC logo

ВВС company has one of the most expensive logos in the world.

Many clients choose two colors or a monochrome design; they prefer to remove unnecessary details. In 2022-2023 it is better not to use many shades, especially bright ones; also, it is advised to give up on intricate details and fonts that convey no meaning. Logos that have minimum sidetracking elements are now the most attractive and beneficial.

The trend’s idea is to provide clients with visual rest due to the high volume of information surrounding people.

Apple and Indesit logo

Apple and Indesit logo examples

Anyone can recall a logo that impressed them and stuck into their memory. These are not only letters but animals, mystical creatures, etc. It proves the designer’s master skills and attention to detail.

The image is compelling if it is of high quality, yet it can lose judging by other solutions in adjustment. This thesis appeared several years ago when the logos managed to adjust to various screen sizes and devices. 

The designers can achieve the desired results by deleting text components and simplifying the visual. In 2022 adjective logos are not an independent trend. Responsiveness is the prime logo characteristic, and the popularity of symbolism and minimalism is evidence.

Papa johns logo

New logo and branding for Papa Johns

Realistic images are complicated, awkward, cluttered visuals, especially on a small screen. Simplifying helps the designers to make a single logo that will look perfect anywhere. If necessary, it is better to separate the logo on elements. Symbolic images are a universal tool compared to real ones. Not only that, but it looks fantastic. 

ponto logo

Ponto logo redesign

Gradient and vibrant colors 

Not all brands can deny untypical solutions to make a minimalistic logo. 3D gradient is a popular trend in 2022 that can remain relevant in 2023. The idea is in vibrant and memorizable colors; thus, the clients will notice the logo, among others. Various brands also employ gradient, including Avon and Facebook in Messenger. This approach allows refreshing the old, dull logo and adds dynamics to the company’s attributes. Color combination creates the effect of a non-standard result, develops the exciting design concept, and keeps the visual simple.

In 2023, the gradient may not suffice; hence, the designers can use sets of color solutions, layering methods, and transfers. These elements will excite the clients. Also, the designers must deal with lines, colors, shades, and saturation to shape the logo.

avon logo

Updated Avon logo

Brands employ additional elements to highlight their benefits which is crucial for a modern consumer. Unusual solutions will be in trend; the Amazon logo where the arrow from A to Z says that clients can buy any product. Also, it reminds a smile. As a result, the designer combined excellent benefits and humor. 


Amazon company logo

Yahoo has some elements of jocosity. Rebranding helped to freshen the famous company, and it became more mature. Don’t be afraid to employ symbols in 2023 since these elements help to communicate with clients and consumers.


Yahoo logo after rebranding

Despite the facts above, each brand independently chooses the preferred colors and palette. It’s hard to determine a global trend in particular shades. Some brands prefer black and white, while others like a monochrome or a specific color set. However, considering large companies, you might notice a trend in bright and saturated colors.

Employing overwhelming the logo with detail and shade will make it sloppy; selecting something specific in the era of minimalism is essential. You should never forget that decorating in bright colors is not an easy task. Because of this design, there is a chance that the style will look cheap or unprofessional. Finding and maintaining a balance is vital when making such a trend possible.

A caption with a secret

Unusual fonts in the logo design can attract the audience’s attention. They can be disrupted, left underwritten, or change the strength of the color design. When choosing this trend, it is essential to observe the following rules:

  1. Any caption must be easy-to-read.
  2. The audience must easily perceive and understand what brand is on the logo.
  3. Avoid italics or robust interlacing of letters and other designs that would blend into a single image.

The industry experts estimate that 65% of clients want more text on logos than images and graphic elements. An excellent solution for this style is contrast; for example, a dark background while the letters are bright. The designers might also use images as background, yet the users must understand the logo at first glance. 


A plain and easy-to-understand logo of EVA.UA online shop

Ultrathin lines

Thin lines are perfect for minimalism yet are independent elements designers have actively used since 2020. Many shades of graphite gray are used for graphic design. The logo will look like a pencil-drawn piece. This design idea is adjustable to any brand, business, or concept. 

If the logo is unsuccessful, the designers can change it swiftly or add several bright elements. According to large companies’ experience, thin lines bring splendid results. They look rich and elegant among colorful brands in modern creative graphic art. A gradient background will add variety to the name and look of the company.


A British company Huma is an example of a successful logo with ultrathin lines

Painted and handwritten logos

The following style is calligraphy writing. Combining text and images with hidden sense is a perfect choice. An excellent example is Unilever — one of Britain’s leading companies in food and drinks. 

Along with the naming, they added tiny images to the logo. After combining everything, they made a big ‘’U’’ letter. The images convey the hidden sense:

  1. Bird — freedom.
  2. Heart — love to the client.
  3. Leaves — caring for nature.

Creative industries can adopt such designs if they want to appeal to the leading brand ideas to clients. 


Unilever company logo

Sketches will be popular in 2022 and will continue the trend in 2023. It may seem that the period of arbitrary text and geometric shapes has passed, but current branding shows the opposite.

If the designers and clients have increased interest in such a technique of expressing the companies’ individuality, the trend will become a favorite.  Sketches, figures, or stylized drawings are suitable for this, which are not present in the template design.

doodle logos

Various Doodle Boho logos

A quick sketch that won’t overwhelm clients will do. As a rule, logos of this kind seem unfinished. Even fans of minimalism or classics can love this style, making it the most effective method of conveying aesthetics.

Controlled chaos

The logo doesn’t need to be strict and official, especially if the target audience is active, young, and progressive thinking. Consider the main controlled chaos principles while developing a brand:

  1. Stairway letter placement;
  2. Relocating letters;
  3. Unusual font forms;
  4. Contrasting shades. 

The letters can have various shapes and positioning on the logo. The main rule is that the name is easy to read. 

tourism and gastronomy logo

The logo of the tourism and gastronomy school — CETT

Combining the shades

Large companies often prefer laconic design and monochrome branding since it is always in the public eye, and people easily recognize it. A young company must remember about positioning among the competitors.

In 2022, more and more logos will appear since the market offer grows, and clients like visuals without text. 

Get a noticeable logo that will give freshness and novelty and help a mix of colors using unusual transitions. It is best to use the experience of big companies on the world stage – McDonald’s, Pepsi, and others.


Pepsi brand logo

Negative space

Negative space allows creating the best effect that captures clients’ attention. It is a straightforward method yet efficient. According to the idea, the design has blank spaces within or around the logo details. You can get the effect through intersections, unusual pictures, symbols, and other ways to attract attention.

Negative space technology is noticeable in some major companies. There is NBC with a hidden peacock, and the WWF used a Chinese panda. Such logos help keep the attention and are considered a definite trend for 2023.

NBC and World Wildlife

NBC and World Wildlife Fund logos

Retro theme

Fashion is cyclic, and this works with design trends in 2023 too. Retro logos perfectly function in modern graphical design. Furthermore, people find it appealing and memorizable. The feature is not only in the aesthetic; it creates the effect that the company has been in the market for an extended period, offers its service, and has gained trust and respect. Retro style also is perfect for humor, color schemes, and unusual shapes. 

While developing a logo in this style, you may appeal to 90th, 00th, 80th, and other periods. The activity will determine this parameter. Dark pastels and effects will deliver the client the idea of years of experience.   


This format in design is not just a trend in 2023; it was a favorite trend in 2022. Furthermore, the style develops, enhances, and improves. Multiplayer logos are perfect for geometrical shapes, color set transfers, and transparency. The trend offers numerous solutions for designers to show their creativity and unusual approach. 

Shape combining mechanics and contrast details provide perfect layering. Google products are an excellent example of layering. 

Google logos

Google services logos

Balanced logos

Harmonizing each detail and subdued tones is perfect for companies with numerous clients; it is a market positioning strategy. The symmetrical placement of elements, a neat font, and overlapping shades are used in the design and allow a slight addition of brightness and layering. An excellent solution is color highlighting, which accentuates the logo.


 Kärcher logo on the website

High logos

Some trends in 2023 overlap with others that were popular earlier. High logos are a new creative approach. These can be vertical or narrow and contrast to famous square or horizontal logos. 

Aesthetics is excellent for young firms just beginning to develop and combines well with creative companies and boutiques trying to stay on trend.


Sunnybeans coffee brand style

An art-deco style particularly characterizes beautiful vertical compositions. In addition, it has boho elements and modern shapes.

The new variation inspires designers to create new solutions. In 2023 there is a high probability of employing graphical elements and modern fonts to find the most efficient and winning solutions. Hence, the message to the client will be straightforward. 

The feature of high logos is that they perfectly fit marketplaces and are adjustable for advertisements. 

Logo anti trends in 2023

Design experts advise against using trivial solutions in 2022-2023. For example, if a store that sells goods online deals with stocking, it is unnecessary to show socks in the company logo. The designer should add images, and any boring solution can transform attractively and interestingly. Among the anti trends in 2023, consider:

  1. Upper case letters. Their use in a company logo is an old practice that does not attract attention. Such designs look dull and trivial and merge with other firms’ brands.
  2. Advantages. “Best jackets,” “tastiest tea/coffee,” etc., repel customers rather than attract them. Creative design and different colors help to display all this in the logo, and pictures and additional effects will enhance the impact. No need to praise your store or the company; this approach does not lead to success.
  3. A complex concept. Today’s society finds important rapid perception, so in complex branding, no one will want to understand or read an incomprehensible font, trying to understand the essence and scope of the company. Maximum minimalism without boring design can solve such problems.

Flat design is more likely to be a thing of the past, replaced by neomorphism. Such a technique highlights specific objects standing on a single-color background. Highlighting is carried out by shadows. Also, designers must abandon the stock images in the free access and conventional templates. They do not give a positive dynamic for business development and do not attract new customers; on the contrary, they are repulsive factors because of the banality and standard. Among other anti trends: overly bright hues and acid colors.

Trends that remain in past

This industry is not about strict limitations that will separate trends according to years. Some of them were popular five years ago, the others are popular now, and there won’t be much change. 

For example, the glitch effect was a favorite earlier, yet in 2023 it will probably not become a trend. Several years ago, it was widespread, and the designers are now just tired of it. 

The same happened to animated logos. It was prevalent in 2021; in 2022 and 2023, people found it exciting, and it’s a win-win pattern for a company-style presentation. However, it is not a branding trend. Animated logos are perfect for the digital world.

We will not include three-dimensional logos in the trends for 2023; their fate is still uncertain. Whether flat styles or 3D will be in direction is hard to answer. Designers have an ambiguous approach to choosing a logo in this format, so there are two vectors for rebranding.

Modern trends are characterized by flexibility; they have an evident inclination for minimalism but with elements of boldness and individuality. When deciding on a design, it is essential to understand the parameters of the target audience, the scope, type of goods or services, and competitors. Do not copy other people’s ideas or apply classic templates in logo design in 2023. The logo should be easy to remember, fresh, exciting, and eye-catching. Along with this, it is vital to put in everything to reveal the features of the business looking at the image. There is no need to economize on branding; if the ideas are absent or do not coincide with the company’s principles, then classics in art, black and white shades or retro style are quite suitable. Such solutions are out of trend and fashion, conveying semantic and visual load.

The Most Exciting Trends in Branding and Logo Design in 2023 key takeaways:
  1. The best trends in branding and logo design in 2023
  2. Minimalism and symbolism replace realism
  3. Gradient and vibrant colors 
  4. A caption with a secret
  5. Ultrathin lines
  6. Painted and handwritten logos
  7. Controlled chaos
  8. Combining the shades
  9. Negative space
  10. Retro theme
  11. Multilayer
  12. Balanced logos
  13. High logos
  14. Logo anti trends in 2023
  15. Trends that remain in past

Merehead does professional development of branding logo design trends 2023. If you have questions, contact us for a free consultation.

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